Billet Grilles

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The pictures above are of the grille I got from California Classics and Collectibles.

Things I did not like about this piece were

  • It is built with all of the bars in a verticle stack, which is not the way it should be.  The top of the grille should angle out, like the stock grille did.  
  • The bars are not polished and are square cut.
  • The exposed nuts at the top and bottom are pretty unattractive as well.

The pictures below are of the grille I got from Mustang Depot.  Oddly enough, it was less expensive than the other piece.  Go figure...

The things I like about this grille, as opposed to the other, are

  • This grille is not bolted together, but is welded.  I don't know if this is a plus or a minus
  • It is put together more like the stock grille, with the top angled out from the bottom.  
  • The bars are also polished and have a bit of a "dome" on them, so that they are not square cut, which will make them reflect better in the light.
I'm sorry about the picture quality.
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